Sauna house with steam, laundry and anteroom

The boat sauna of Hundi Holiday House can accommodate a larger group who want to come and spend time.

The boat sauna consists of an anteroom, a washing room and a steam room. The sauna can accommodate 10 people. We have an outdoor shower and a separate outdoor toilet.

For the construction of the sauna house, wound dressings are used, which have such a pleasant smell of steam and a mild, moist steam even at 120 ° C.

Handmade hot tub

When you get out of the sauna, you can run the barrel directly. The barrel is filled with warm water and is also suitable for use in the winter. The large and spacious barrel has contents measuring 2.4 x 1.8 m (1600 l). The barrel can accommodate 10 people. Caution, do not allow small children into the barrel without supervision.