Grill house

Our spacious, open-plan grill house (50 m2), protected from the wind and rain, was completed in 2018. That same year we served guests four-course meals here as part of the Hiiumaa Cafe Days.

The kitchen has a wood stove, a sink with running water, kitchenware for preparing and serving food and a dishwasher. There is a grill and smoke oven outside.

The recreational area has a fireplace plus seats and tables of different heights.

We can offer groups of 8-12 people space to enjoy time together. This is a space in which to cook, take time to enjoy the world of aromas and flavours and share stories around the fireplace.

There is a view over the garden from the grill house.

A couple of times a day you can track the arrivals and departures of planes at the nearby Kärdla Airport

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