Rent a bike for cycling around Hiiumaa

Bicycle rental

Get in the saddle and discover the surroundings of Kärdla and the nature of Hiiumaa!

If you want to explore our magical island, a bicycle is the way to go. Wind in your hair, birdsong in your ears, heady scents tickling your nose... This orchid-rich island reveals its beautiful flowers in the early summer through bursts of smell. Once you leave the saddle, it’s not hard to find the source of the floral scents. At midsummer, the air is full of the smell of freshly mown grass, warm hay and ripe wild strawberries.

You can cycle on roads and forest trails all over the island, which has 320 km of coastline.

The closest bike and walking track is the Kärdla-Paluküla light traffic path, which begins 1.5 km away in the Paluküla Health Trail car park. The 2.2 km path leads to Kärdla, the island’s capital. From there it continues on to Tahkuna, passing old military structures that can easily be explored by bike.

Hiiumaa is a good size for cycling. Its longest diagonal is from Sarve to Kõpu, measuring 60 km. Most of your journey through the island will be accompanied by the sounds of nature. Beautiful vistas can be enjoyed along the way. The forests, seaside fields and open sea are complemented by a range of sights: tall, lean lighthouses, yawning harbours and more.

Bicycles rent is FREE OF CHARGE for Hundi Vacation home visitors

If you don´t stay with us, we rent bicycles out for 20 euros per day .  Please let us know beforehand if you would like to rent one of our bikes.

We have 4 bicycles for adults and 2 bicycles for children (20 inches, suitable for 6-9 years old kids).

Would like to rent a bicycle but are planning to stay somewhere else for the night? Yes, sure!
Please check our price list for more details!