The Timeless Charm of the SPA-house: Where Yesterday Meets Today   

Welcome to our SPA house, where the past gracefully intertwines with the present. As you step inside, you'll be captivated by the alluring and unique details surrounding you, promising an unforgettable experience. Every aspect has been thoughtfully designed to ensure your utmost enjoyment and comfort. Come, indulge in the harmonious blend of history and modernity, and let us care for your well-being.

100 Years of History

This exceptional holiday home came to us direct from Petsermaa, carrying with it centuries of history and a delicious sense of time.

The spa house, whose charms have been enhanced by the passage of time, harmoniously combines elements of modern and classic design. At every step, you'll enjoy the charm of a historic building in a glittering blend of modern amenities. Stepping through our doorway, you will be immersed in the past while welcoming modernity.

Historic elegance meets modern glamour: Welcome to our shower room

Step inside and discover the magic of this unique space, where the beauty of timeless wood meets the clear shine of modern glass.
Two different worlds meet in this shower room, harmoniously blending history and modernity. Towering wood and modern glass create a visual contrast that captivates the eye and creates a unique visual experience.

* SPA house use of the shower room is free of charge for guests of the campsite and the garden.

Handmade Luxury : Experience the Beauty of a Handcrafted Wooden Bathtub  

A real gem in our SPA house. A unique wooden bathtub, handmade by a master craftsman using technology unique in the world. Natural wood that has been hand cut, oiled, and waxed. The process is eco-friendly, with no toxic or harsh chemicals used.

Golden Escapes: Moments of Blissful Solitude

Do you want to enjoy the peace, quiet, and romance or relax in the Jacuzzi of our spa house for two? We offer you the possibility to rent a whole SPA house with an exclusive jacuzzi. In addition, you can choose from our handmade herbal bath salts to enhance your relaxation pleasure. We also offer the possibility to order a delicious fruit plate, complemented with drinks to complete your spa experience.