Grill House for Cooking and Gatherings

 A spacious open-plan grill house (50 m2) was built in 2018, providing protection from wind and rain. In the same year, we hosted guests for Hiiumaa Café Day, offering a four-course dinner.

The kitchen features a wood stove, a sink with running water, dishes for cooking and serving, and a dishwasher. Outside, there is a gas grill and a smoke oven, allowing you to prepare delicious meals both indoors and in the fresh air.

Our fireplace lounge area offers tables with seats of different heights, where you can enjoy your food and gatherings. The grill house is an ideal place for 8-12 people to create an unforgettable emotional experience with loved ones and friends. Here, you can cook together, spend time indulging in the world of aromas and flavors, as well as share your knowledge and experiences.

The grill house also offers a beautiful view of our garden. In addition, a few times a day, when the timing aligns, you can enjoy the spectacle of airplane landings and takeoffs, as we are located near Kärdla Airport. Come and visit us to enjoy your time in our cozy and inviting grill house, where you can create unforgettable experiences with your friends and loved ones.

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Some pictures from Hiiumaa Café Days: