Boatsauna - quality time in nature

  If you're looking for something special and memorable, our boat sauna at Hundi Vacation Home is just for you! It's the perfect place for a larger group to spend time together, relax in nature, and refresh themselves in an enchanting environment.

Sauna house with steam room, changing room, and lounge area

Built domestically using high-quality materials, Hundi Vacation Home's boat sauna consists of three separate areas - a lounge area, changing room, and steam room. Whether you're organizing an event or going on a vacation, our boat sauna can accommodate up to 10 people at a time, allowing you to enjoy the sauna experience with your family or friends.

Additionally, our boat sauna is equipped with an outdoor shower and a separate outdoor toilet, ensuring maximum comfort and practicality. The sauna house is constructed using spruce planks, which provide a pleasant aroma and ensure a gentle, moist steam even at high temperatures of up to 120°C. Come and enjoy an authentic sauna experience at Hundi Vacation Home!

Handcrafted Hot Tub

  Our sauna experience is complemented by a handcrafted hot tub, waiting for you just outside the sauna door. Especially enticing in cold weather, you can immediately jump into the tub after leaving the sauna and enjoy a relaxing experience in the warm water. The capacity of the hot tub is impressive - it is large and spacious, measuring 2.4 x 1.8 meters, comfortably accommodating up to 10 people.

 Please exercise caution and do not allow unsupervised access to the hot tub for small children.

Sauna terrace and grill bar "Hundi kahvee"

  We have created a large terrace with a modern canopy on the sauna complex grounds, providing a protected area with mosquito netting. After enjoying a hot sauna and relaxing in the muscle-relieving hot tub, you can unwind on our comfortable sofas and have a pleasant rest. The terrace is a perfect place for friendly conversations and moments of relaxation. Right next to the terrace, there is a cozy grill bar equipped with a gas grill and all the necessary tools to prepare fantastic dishes and drinks.